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TUITION FOR THE 2022-2023 ACADEMIC YEAR (Please see fees and potential discounts at bottom of page)


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GRADE 9-12




Sibling Discount (Child #2/3/4+):                                                                                   8%/10%/12%
Early Pay Discounts (paying quarterly, by semester or annually)                             1%/2%/4%
Full-Time Employed First Responders:                                                                          15%
Active Duty Military Personnel:                                                                                        15%
Full-Time Employees working for Not for Profit 501(c) (3) Charities or Christian Organizations: 15%
Pastoral Family Discount:                                                                                                  15%
Family Referral:                                                                                                                    $500/student
Early Enrollment (Feb 1- Feb 28) Discount:                                                                  $500/student

Discounts apply to full-time students only, the aggregate of these discounts cannot exceed 25%. All Discounts apply to tuition only and please note that discounts only qualify if the family tuition and fee account is financially current at all times.

Required Fees:

Annual Processing Fee                        $150 Paid on enrollment or re-enrollment
Registration Fee                                   $300/student (new registrations only)
New Family Fee                                    $500 (waived for students entering from Pre-K)
Annual Academic & Activities Fee
$950 (K-5th)
$1600 (6th-8th)
$1975 (9th-12th)


One-time Payment Plan fees (Charged by the Payment provider) Annual/Semi-Annual $25, Quarterly or monthly $55


Other Possible Fees:

Financial Aid application (FAST) Fee:              $45
Admissions Testing Fee                                       $200 (only if required)
Late Fees:                                                                $50
Interest Charges on Unpaid Balances:              1% per month
Insufficient Funds Fees:                                      $35
Credit Card/Debit Card Processing Fee:          3%
Withdrawal Fee:                                                    $200


Educational Enrichment/Learning Support Services Fees (PEP): $575
Directed Studies Fee: $175/mo
NILD Education Therapy: $5,300/yr

Please reach out to for learning support fee details.

Online course fees: $250/course
Tutoring Fee: $40/hr
IB Diploma Program Fees: Various

AM/PM Care: See Application

To read our full set of Tuition Policies and Procedures, click here