Discounts and Tuition Relief at WCA

View the Video above to learn more about the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Fund

An education at WCA is an investment, a worthy investment in our eyes in setting your child down the path of success in life. But the stated tuition is not always within reach of many families. WCA has a number of discounts available for qualified families, such as our active-duty military and first responder discounts, pastoral discounts, sibling discounts, and discounts for parents who work for a charitable non-profit. The full list of discounts can be viewed at the bottom of our Tuition & Fees web page.

For families needing additional assistance, WCA offers the opportunity to apply for need-based tuition relief.  Our financial aid programs are completely self-funded and receive no government assistance. WCA has two means to assist families with tuition relief, the first way is through the "Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program".  The guidelines of this program are designed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the program offers an opportunity for Virginia families to send their children to a school of their choice using private scholarships.  WCA has been a participant in this program for six years and has helped many families achieve their goal of placing their students in our quality educational program in an environment of Christian community.  To see if your family is eligible for this program, please go to this site to get eligibility requirements.  If after reviewing this material and you still have questions, please contact admissions using the contact information lower on this page.

WCA also has a need/merit-based scholarship in honor of longtime WCA Athletic Director and Coach, Edgar Randall. For eligibility requirements and application information for that scholarship, please visit the Edgar Randall Scholarship webpage.

The second form of assistance is through the WCA Tuition Assistance Fund, which is a fund that donors contribute to in order to help families that need a little more assistance to meet their tuition obligations.  This fund is managed by a WCA committee that is not privileged to the names of the families or students and only reviews submitted information and makes the awards based on the merits of the need and the available funding.

The first step in determining whether tuition relief or discounts are available for your family using any of these programs is to have a conversation with our Enrollment team. You can reach our enrollment director at or call 757-378-5263. Alternatively, you may click the button below to fill out our admissions information form, and our enrollment director will reach out directly to you to discuss financing options. 

  • figures valid for 2020-21 school year