Williamsburg Christian Academy Prospective Residential Program Family Profile Form

The following preliminary information is necessary for our admissions staff to open your residential program application file, and will help drive the process moving forward in enrollment. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). Please complete the form in its entirety and click the submit button when finished. 

Please be advised, this form is preliminary in nature. It is not your application to enroll, neither does it approve your student for enrollment or obligate you in any way to enroll or commit you to payment of any fees!

If more than one child, list children from oldest to youngest separated by commas, and indicate grades in that order below (child #1 is oldest, child #2 second-oldest, etc)
Use commas to separate school names if multiple students attending different schools. If in a homeschool program, please indicate 'homeschool'.
Please also send the applicable report following submission of the form to

After clicking submit, our staff will enter your data into our admissions system, and will walk you through the remaining steps in enrollment!