Re-enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open. Re-enroll your students for the 2021-2022 school year before March 1 to receive a $500 tuition discount per student applied to next year’s tuition, and to save your spot in your student’s next grade.  Enrollment will be first come-first served, as classes fill, wait lists will be created.

Please review the 2021/2022 Tuition Fee Schedule and Policies carefully prior to re-enrollment. There have been several important changes to the annual academic and activities fees.

1. Login to the Praxi Portal, as usual, using this link. 

2. Along the top menu bar, click on ‘Online Forms’





3. In the screen that follows, select the student to be enrolled with the yellow box, select ‘21-22 Re-Enrollment Form’ in the Select Form block, and then click on the ‘Start Form’. If you have one more than one student to re-enroll, when you finish re-enrollment for your first child, you will need to repeat this entire process for the 2nd child by selecting their name from the yellow dropdown and starting a new form for them.

4. A new window should open, welcoming you to WCA’s Re-Enrollment Form. Fill out the fields in their entirety. Most fields should be pre-filled, but please confirm all information in the fields. Certain fields are required and are marked with an

 asterisk (*). Once you have completed all sections, you will digitally sign the form at the bottom, and click the ‘Submit’ link in the vertical column on the left. If you start the application and must come back to it later, there is also a Save function to save all current inputs.

5. After confirming all your info is correct, click on the ‘3. SUBMIT’ link. Note that if you haven’t filled out all asterisked items, an error message will appear telling you to answer all questions. The step containing the unanswered question will be indicated by red asterisks next to the listed steps in the left margin. Once you have hit SUBMIT, please be patient until the next page comes up indicating your application has been received by the system. Closing the application window prior to full processing may result in interruption of your application submission.

9. After pressing 'SUBMIT' the system will then prompt you to pay for the $150 processing fee.

10. Repeat these steps for all students you are re-enrolling. 

If you experience difficulty at any time during re-enrollment, email us, or contact our Registrar at 757-378-5225



    • Ensure Your Spot in Next Year's Class
    • Get a $500 Credit towards Next Years Tuition
    • Help WCA Have an Accurate Gauge of Student Count for Hiring and Resource Needs