Slide Williamsburg Christian Academy learning facilitators and staff work together to put our graduates in the best possible position to be successful as servants of Christ, as individuals, as college-level students, and as professionals... keyboard_arrow_down Portrait of a WCA Graduate

Slide Spiritual Portrait WCA seeks to equip its graduates with the tools necessary to make a positive difference in the world for Jesus Christ. Our goal for graduates: Display a strong moral compass that will guide them to use their mind and gifts for what the will of God demands of them Be Examples of Christ's love Have a scholarly knowledge of the Bible Have a heart of service that will actively aid humankind Display the ability to share faith with others Have the ability to show compassion and understanding to a hurting world Know the depth of God's love for them Have the ability to study scripture and apply its principles in everday life

Slide Social and Emotional Portrait
WCA's administration, faculty and staff are focused on serving the whole child....

Slide We seek to equip graduates with the ability to function in a mature manner in a complex and changing world.
Our goal for graduates:
Have the ability to work with people from various backgrounds and understand multiple perspectives Be responsible citizens able to meet deadlines Be able to handle conflict in a mature way Have the ability to work in groups to solve problems Exhibit physical and spiritual health throughout their lives Be emotionally stable individuals that have the ability to deal with disappointments and setbacks Have a keen sense and knowledge of social justice Have the ability to accept criticism and use it as a way to make strides in life Exhibit skills such as responsibility and accountability attained by doing quality work Display the ability to take ownership of their own mistakes in order to learn from them